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"maxon motor makes insanely precise drives"

Builders enable artists to perform at their best. Tattoo machines can control needle depth, speed and force of application, this allows tattooing to become a very precise art form.

Traditional coil machines are increasingly being replaced with rotary devices driven by small electric motors. These models make it easier to draw fine lines. They are also lighter and much less noisy than earlier models.

As maxon motor we are proud to be part of this and support builders to build the best quality tattoo machines. Because of the use of tools daily and demand that they perform reliably for many years, longevity and reliability are very important factors.

maxon motor is the preferred supplier of tattoo machines

Today, maxon motor sells different types of brushed and brushless DC motors to tattoo machine builders from all around the world. Does it hurt less if a tattoo is made with a tattoo machine which is driven by a maxon motor? Probably not, but the maxon motor drives are light and generate less vibration. This means the artist can do his artwork with higher precision and accuracy. The efficient DC motors even enable cordless tattoo machines.

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