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"It is all about how that needle hits the skin"

The maxon motor is solid and has a lot of horsepower and torque. maxon motors deliver that little extra bit of power.

Tattoo machine builders present a significant engineering challenge because of their conflicting design goals: high torque, high speed and compact size. This makes the selection of the right motor difficult. Besides this, tattoo artists make a lot of money per hour. So if the tattoo machine fails, they lose income. This is why longevity and reliability are such important features.

Mostly used motors for the tattoo industry are maxon's brushed DC motors with graphite brushes for a perfect start/stop modulation.

For brushed DC motors, graphite brushes are necessary for robust applications that may feature forward-reverse operation or higher current loads. Typically with such applications, the motor selected will also feature ball bearings. In addition to being opportune for higher radial and axial loads, you typically will select this bearing option for start-stop operation.

maxon DC motors are reliable, have low vibration, and can be sterilized. And they provide all these features without sacrificing high power density and efficiency, even in miniature formats with diameters as low as 4 mm.

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