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The A-max program

A-max 16

maxon A-max motors are an innovative range of high-quality DC motors, equipped with powerful AlNiCo permanent magnets. The “heart” of our motors is the ironless maxon winding, that has been tested millions of times over. This is the latest technology for compact, powerful and low-inertia drives.

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A-max 16 16 mm Graphite brushes 2 W with cable

Technical details

Diameter (mm) 16 mm
Type performance (W) 2 W
Voltage (V) 21 V
Idle Speed (rpm) 11300 rpm
Maximum Torque (mNm) 2.28 mNm
See the benefits

Lightweight & low noise

Your clients are in enough pain as it is. You could spare their ears with the low noise motors of maxon motors.

Motor Dragon

The new tattoo era

Traditional coil machines are increasingly being replaced with rotary devices driven by small electric motors. These models make it easier to draw fine lines.

They are also lighter and much less noisy than earlier models. The motors created by maxon are regarded as the measure of all things. Tattoo machine manufacturers worldwide like to list the “Swiss motor” by maxon in their specifications. It is synonymous with longevity and reliability, very important factors for tattoo artists who use their tools daily and demand that they perform reliably for many years.