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Graphite vs Precious Metal brushes

Once you've chosen brushed motors, you can choose between graphite brushes and precious metal brushes. When to choose what?

Graphite Brushes

  • Well suited for high currents and peak currents
  • Well suited for start-stop applications
  • Larger motors (> approx. 10 W)
  • Higher friction, higher no-load current
  • Not suited for small currents
  • Higher audible noise
  • Higher electromagnetic emissions
  • Higher costs

Precious metal brushes

  • Well suited for smallest currents and voltages
  • Well suited for continuous operation
  • Smaller motors
  • Low audible noise
  • Very low friction
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • Cost effective
  • Not suited for high and peak currents
  • Not suited for start-stop operation

Tattooing is typical a start-stop application, which make graphite brushes the best solution.

5 out of 6 rotary tattoo machines with maxon DC-motors have graphite brushes.

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