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  • What's the difference between a brushed and brushless motor?

    Brushed motors use brushes to supply current to the coil of the motor, where brushless motors don't. It depends on the application which type is better suitable.

    For a more comprehensive answer and links to video explanation, take a look at the Brushed vs Brushless DC-page.

  • What's the difference between graphite and precious metal brushes?

    Graphite brushes are better suitable for start-stop applications, where precious metal brushes are at their best in continuous operations.

    For more information on the specifics and detailed differences, go to the Graphite vs Precious Metal brushes-page.

  • Why is only a selection of the total maxon motor products presented?

    Tattoo machines are a specific sub-market with its own requirements and best practices. To give you the best solutions, we've taken a closer look at the industry and came with this specific sub-set of our products. 

    Our experience is that around 95% of all tattoo machines with maxon motors are using brushed DC motors and 5 out of 6 brushed motors use graphite brushes.

    If you want to take a look at the other products, we would like to welcome you in our 'regular' e-shop:

  • Why am I redirected to the maxon motor website when I want to buy a motor?

    At maxon motor we've optimized our processes for online orders in the e-shop. We would like to serve all our online customers the best we can, so we make use of the existing channels to make sure you get your order as soon as possible.