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Brushed vs Brushless DC motor

When choosing a motor for your tattoo machine, the first choice is a brushed or a brushless motor. In this short overview we give you the most essential information to choose the motor that suits your application best.

Brushed DC motor

  • Simple operation and control, even without electronics
  • No electronic parts in the motor
  • Brush commutation system limits motor life
  • Max. speed limited by commutation system

Brushless DC motor (maxon EC product family)

  • Long life, high speeds
  • Preloaded ball bearings
  • No brush fire
  • Iron losses in the magnetic return
  • Electronic parts in the motor (Hall Sensor)
  • Needs electronics to run
    • more cables
    • more expensive then Brushed DC motor

95% of rotary tattoo machines with maxon motors, use brushed DC motors.

Tattooing is an application for which brushed DC motors are very suitable. Most machines rely on easy control and usability and a minimum of cables and additional 'attachments' on the machine.

More about motor selection

To learn more about selecting the right motor type, please take a look at there tutorial > video.

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